Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome to Mrs. Weldon's Blog. 

I have created a few pages of curriculum links for you to use that our teachers seem to like.  Please let me know if you have some to add to our list and we would love to have your feedback on what we use.

We have had alot of new on-line activities taking place in our school this year.  We are embracing Google Doc's with our students.  We have found some great Google Apps to try.  Please visit us often to see some of the latest favored apps of our school.

We have two I-Pad carts that are always in a classroom somewhere in our school.  Our teachers share the carts of 30 between classrooms and we are hoping to get more in the future.  We have 118 apps that support our Math, Science, ELA and Social Studies curriculum.    They circulate daily.

Please check back with us to see some of our classroom blogs.

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