Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome Back 2013

What an exciting year ahead at Memorial.  We are going 1 to 1 in grades 1, 4 and 5.  Our I-Pads are being delivered to the school today.  We are all looking forward to implementing these into our curriculum.  We have 30 foundational apps that the students will be using along with some selected apps by grade level.  Our I-Pads will be kept in school and will not be going home.  We will keep you posted on some of our exciting projects we will be doing.

Our first class will be on basic use and rules of I-Pads in the classroom  Students will be learning how to use the different apps that we have on the I-Pads during our integration lessons throughout the school year. 

We have started the year off with our I-Ready and Symphony testing.  This is already underway.  Testing is completed on September 24th.  Please check back to see how we are using our I-Pads and don't forget to ask your child what they are using them for.  Looking forward to a great 

                            Mr.Allegretto and Mr.Calvin delivering our I-Pads!


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