Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grade 3 Goes to Plimoth Plantation

Grade 3 students are taking a virtual tour of Plimoth Plantation.  Students have been assigned to be historians as they search for many clues about life in 1621.    This week they have learned about the Wampanoag Tribe.  They will pose as colonist over the next two weeks to learn about how they lived back then.  Their culminating report will be done on their I Pad.  They will be creating a book in Book Creator.  Watch for their projects.

Grade 2 Research

Grade 2 has started a research project!

Grade 2 is working on gathering information about caring for pets.  They are working on their new writing curriculum.  Students are working in Google Drive to access a teacher created document to do their research?  They are taking notes on either cats or dogs to create a class project.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chalk Board in First Grade

First Grade started using the Chalkboard app.  Great tool for number and letter writing!  We will use it during our Reading block for Fundations!  

How to Build a Rocket

How to Build a Rocket will be coming to our bookshelves very soon.  Fourth grade students in Mrs. Olshaw's class are writing a book using our Book Creator app.  They will be doing illustrations using  our Drawing Pad app of their actual rockets that they are building.  The students will be photographing their steps for building a rocket and will annotate their photos and drawings. Look for the next best seller:) It's coming soon!