Monday, February 3, 2014

2nd Grade Continents QR Code

We created a QR code that may be used with the students I-Pads for doing research on the continents.  Our 2nd grade teachers are using this for research for their writing program.  There are a few sites that cannot be viewed on the I-pad  but the majority of them work fine.  Trudy's and K Bears are two that  you will need to use your computer lab for but they are great sites to use for continent research so make sure you book some time in your school's lab.  The QR code will take you to my 2nd grade blog page where you will find other links as well to use with your curriculum.  Make sure you use your Qrafter app if you are using your I-Pads to have the students easily access the blog with just a few taps. 

Grade 2 Research:

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