Sunday, April 13, 2014

Memorial Students Present at 1:1 Summit

Students from grades 4 and 5 shared their projects with educators from many different districts this weekend.  Students shared projects done in Explain Everything, Edmodo, Google Drive, Book Creator, Stock Market, Skype, IMovie to name a few.  Conference attendees commented on the fabulous presentations of our students.  The excitement of our students and the attendees of the conference made this such a memorable day for everyone.

A big thank you to our parents that came with their children to the Summit.  We greatly appreciate you giving your Satudray morning to us and sharing your children with us for such a wonderful event.  Memorial you shine!

                           Mrs Burn's and 5th Grade Presenters

                               Mrs. Warford and 4th Grade Presenters

                                   Mrs. Olshaw and 4th Grade Presenters

                              Assistant Superintendent, Patrick Larkin listens to a students perspective on best practices for using their IPads in school each day.  Students shared Mystery Skype with Mr. Larkin and Edmodo.

Memorial parents spend the morning at the 1:1 Summit with their children.  Thanks for giving your Saturday morning to us and supporting our school.

Mrs. Dressler spent her morning learning how to use Book Creator and Explain Everything.  Students also gave her a quick lesson on the Stock Market!

       Superintendent Eric Conti takes pride in seeing Burlington student's presenting their projects to conference attendees.

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