Monday, September 28, 2015

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

As we transition to our Chromebooks as our primary device I am finding that many teachers are looking to use keyboard shortcuts with their Chromebooks.  I have gathered some of these for you to help make this transitioin easier.  Keyboard Shortcuts for Chromebooks

Monday, September 21, 2015

Every year I am asked.......

Another new school year brings us to a question that I am asked each year by teachers.  How can I get my students to type their projects faster?  Using our keypads on our mobile devices and phones are great, but when it comes to writing a paper in doc's the teachers find that the student's typing skills need a refresher course after the summer break.  Here are a few typing sites that may help your students improve their speed and accuracy when typing.    There are many programs that can be purchased for home use as well, but these are a few free sites that offer some activities that your students may enjoy.

Dance Mat Typing

Learning Games for Kids-Typing

I also suggest that teachers check out the Chromebooks for the students on occassion so that they are using a standard keyboard to type their projects with.  Typing is a great practice skill to add to your students homework list!