Grade 5 Favorite Sites

13 Colonies:

Land of the Brave

Mr. Nussbaum

The Time Page

World Book Online go to Kids

Social Studies for KIds

Land of the Brave

Revolutionary War

Uniforms of the American Revolution by Colony


Patriot Spy

History Channel Various Videos on the Revolution

Ducksters American Revolution

Mission U.S.

Kid Info

Boston Tea Party Video

Celebrations Around the World
Grade 5 Celebrations Around the World 

Grade  5 Literary Blog 
Word Worm Blog -

Grade 5 Kid Safe Search Engines

KidRex -


Baseball Facts – has advertiseent so caution not to click-

Math Enrichment Scott Foresman-

Soft Schools -


BBC Circuits


Social Studies

Explorers: Reminder (one of these sites 2nd or 3rd hint )does not give all true facts, know your  explorer!

Enchanted Learning 

Lexington Public Schools

 Massachusetts Moments

Famous Americans    

 Nathan Hale
John Hancock
Benjamin West
 Paul Revere
 Benedict Arnold
 Anne Hutchinson
Thomas Paine
John Paul Jones
Thomas Jefferson
 Patrick Henry
 Betsy Ross
Phillis Wheatley
 Abigail Adams
Francis Marion

Citation Machine 

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