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Browser App for running I-Ready and Reflex Math

Puffin is a new browser app for the I-Pads that allows you to run I-Ready and Reflex Math and who knows what other possibilities.  It serves as a Flash based delivery app.  Test out a few of  your other sites and let us know how it goes.

Having trouble installing 7.1?

If you are getting a message that you cannot access your wireless just do a total shut down and restart of your I-Pad and you should be ready to run 7.1.

How to Close an App on IOS7:

Looking to close an app in IOS7? 

Double click on your home button and slide your app screen up to bring up the apps in use. 
Click and hold the app "window" on the screen and drag it to the top of the I-Pad screen where it will disappear and close the app.  Your done!

IOS 7 Install:

Not sure how to install IOS 7 on your I-Pad.  Follow these simple steps created by one of our Burlington Tech Staff.  Here is the link to their page: http://pineglen.info/2013/09/updating-your-ipad-to-ios-7/

Tips and Tricks:

17 Tips and Tricks for getting started with your new I-Pad

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